dinsdag 2 februari 2016

Event • Benefit Hoola Press Event

Here I am, once again.. Well it's been a while since i've wrote a blogpost.. I've been so busy with my full time job that it was impossible to invest some time on my blog.. But no further or due, let's talk about the Benefit Press Event I was invited to a few days ago.

I recieved an invite in my inbox from Benefit, asking if I want to join a Press Event. Being one of my favorite cosmetic brands, I couldn't say no! I'd meet up with Esmee from beautybyesmeex. She and I met before a couple of times, so it was nice to go with someone I knew.

When we arrived at the Aloha Bar in Rotterdam, the Benebabes welcomed us with a tropical cocktail (non-alcoholic) combined with a beautifull setting I thought I was at a tropical resort. In the invitation there were a couple of hints like tan and bronze. So I immidiatly knew it had something to do with the HOOLA bronzer.

These are the new products Benefit is launching this year, 2 new family members that are joining the Hoola collection. The Dew The Hoola (facial bronzer) and Hoola Zero Tanlines (body bronzer). Did you know the Hoola Bronzer excist 15 years? And that it's one of the best sold products of Benefit? Well, I understand because it's a favorite of a lot of beauty lovers.

We were devited in groups because there were a lot more bloggers and influencers. The new products were displayed on several stands and the Benebabes demostrated how to use and we could also try it out ourselves.

After being well-informed, we were taking good care of with drinks and some good looking snacks.

And it didn't stop there! We'd all get a goodie bag filled with the new products to try at home, a suitcase lable and a gorgeous passport holder. (I'm planning to do a review on the Dew The Hoola pretty soon!). I had a great day with Esmee and a wonderfull time at the HOOLA Press Event.

As some of you may have noticed, I wrote this article in English so it's more available for all you beauty lovers out there! From now on all my articles will be written in English.

Thank you for reading! Are you excited about the new Hoola Bronzers?
Let me know!

Untill next time,
xo Ashley.

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